What equipment / supplies do I use?

I’ve had a lot of requests for a list of equipment and supplies that I take with me on the road. You asked, I answered. Here is an in depth list, with links, as well as a video showing my hotel setup. This hotel was used for 3 days in Houston, TX.

In order of appearance on the video:

Bar Code Scanner: My scanner is old and dated. This scanner comes well recommended if you’re looking for something cheap to do the job. If you’re looking to spend a little money on something nice, I just bought this Motorola wireless scanner a few weeks ago and I’m loving it! Don’t go cheap on wireless scanners, because the cheap ones fail quickly. If you’re looking to save money, stick with a wired one. Lastly, if you want a small bluetooth scanner to use with your phone out in the field, this Scanfob  is the one just about everyone is using.

Packing Tape: This is the tape I showed in the video. It’s not the cheapest around, but it’s very high quality and reasonably affordable. I’ve tried using the cheap tape, but I find myself using 2-3 times as much just because it’s so thin! It doesn’t seem to stick as well as the Scotch brand tape either. You can buy a 4 pack on Amazon (seems to be the cheapest option per roll), or you can pick it up at walmart in  pinch.

Bubble Wrap: This is the exact bubble wrap that I buy at walmart and it’s basically the same price on amazon (around $15 per roll). Your best option is to see if you can buy large rolls in bulk from local manufacturers. Just google “[your city] shipping manufacturer” and you should find one. Just make sure it’s perforated!

Poly Bags: My most commonly used bags are the 6 X 9 inch. however the 8 X 10 inch are also very commonly used. The 14 X 20 inch bags are used on occasion, but very rarely. All three sizes are self seal and come with the suffocation warning pre-printed.

Stickers and Seals: Sometimes a box can be loosely shut, whether it is new or used, and you’ll need to tape it so it doesn’t open up in the fulfillment center. I use these seals to add a professional look to them. You can always use tape, but it doesn’t really look the best. WARNING: DO NOT TRY TO USE THESE TO MAKE A USED ITEM LOOK NEW. YOU WILL GET SUSPENDED FOR DOING THIS! I’ll often also use these set stickers to signify to the amazon employee not to separate a multipack.

Stretch wrap:  My stretch wrap can be purchased here on amazon, or at Walmart for the same price. The link I gave you is the exact product that I purchase at Walmart. Stretch Wrap is commonly used for larger items like Guitar Hero guitars or video game console bundles.

Scale: Like I said in the video, my scale is too small and cheap. It doesn’t always work (sometimes it shuts off randomly) and it’s too small. The box will cover the screen making it impossible to read the weight! I recommend this scale. It has a large weight capacity and a large platform. Even better, the LCD screen comes right off so you can position it away from the box, or even mount it on the wall.

Labels: I get all of my labels from a website called OnlineLabels.com. I couldn’t recommend them enough! They always send me high quality labels and the prices are really good. They also have any size or cut you can imagine! These labels are cut perfectly for FBA inbound labels.

Boxes: As I stated in the video, I get my boxes at Walmart. The most common size I use is the 16 X 16 X 15 however on occasion I’ll find myself using the 18 X 18 X 24. In the future, I’ll also be buying some custom sized boxes from uline for odd sized items that I commonly send in such as guitar hero guitars and wii fit boards. Also think about getting a box sizer. It’ll help when you need a couple of inches of void fill.

Printers: As I said in the video, my printer has a newer version out. This Brother printer is a workhorse and you’ll rarely find yourself replacing the toner! This thing is worth every penny, just about any reseller will tell you the same. As far as a thermal printer, I recommend Zebra printers. I use the GK420d model personally. Most amazon applications will only be compatible with Zebra and Dymo printers, and Zebra is a much higher quality product.

Don’t forget your Magic Eraser!!!



Did I leave anything out?


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