GoPro Products to be Restricted on Amazon.

About five minutes ago I received an e-mail from amazon about the removal of one of my products. I nearly had a heart attack reading it until I realized it was an item that was being removed for everyone. The e-mail is as follows:

Hello from Amazon.

We have placed listing restrictions for products in New condition on the ASINs listed below. Since you have sold similar products in the past on, your offers may be affected by these listing restrictions.

You may continue to sell through your existing inventory until July 25, 2015. After this date you will no longer be eligible to list these products on

If you are using the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service to fulfill orders for these products and have inventory in our fulfillment centers, you may continue to use FBA to fulfill orders for these products placed on until July 25, 2015.

If you still have inventory of these products in our fulfillment centers after July 25, 2015, you will be able to use FBA Multi-Channel Fulfillment to fulfill orders for these products placed through other sales channels. If you no longer want to fulfill these products through FBA, you can request to have your remaining inventory of these products returned to you at any time.

ASINs subject to listing restrictions:

“GoPro brand listings”

We appreciate your understanding and compliance.


Seller Performance Team

So what does this mean for us? It’s simple actually. Anything made by GoPro is now restricted, effective immediately. We, as sellers, cannot send anymore new GoPro items into amazon FBA, nor can we list them Seller Fulfilled. If you have inventory in the warehouse currently, you are given 30 days — until July 15th to sell it. I would expect prices to drop very quickly as people try to liquidate. If you don’t have a lot of inventory, or don’t plan on selling it elsewhere, I would dump it for whatever you can get by that date. After that, GoPro is off limits.

This, however, will not change used GoPro merchandise, as that is still free to be sold by anyone on amazon. If you’re selling used, the only thing you can look forward to is a lapse in sales and the new merchandise is dropped below cost over the next month. After that, I expect used GoPro merchandise to go up a bit in value. With the third party sellers out of the mix, new GoPro merchandise will spike in value, thus causing used merchandise to follow. GoPro does require MAP, or minimum advertised pricing for its authorized dealers, so new product will remain closer to retail.

Lastly, whether you’re currently selling GoPro products or not, it could be a great time to start, on other sales channels of course. The closer we get to July 25th, the lower prices will be from third party sellers. This could create a unique arbitrage opportunity for their cameras and accessories. Buy cheap on amazon while third party merchants are liquidating, and selling higher in places like eBay, craigslist, or other local forums.

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