How to ship Guitar Hero / Rock Band guitar controllers

Every video and method out there that I’ve seen uses a lot of tape and takes a lot of time. The worst part with the “franken-boxes” is that it looks very unprofessional, and the box may be lacking enough structure to protect the guitar properly.

Here is how I ship them. I purchase this long box for the fixed neck guitars, and this smaller box for guitars that come apart.

Together, they average about $1.58 each, shipping included, however this may vary depending on your location. If you live near a uline location, you can bypass the shipping cost and pick them up yourself as well. Considering the high mark up of these guitar controllers, $1.58 per box is a small cost to be professional and save time and money shipping.

Typically it costs between $7 and $15 to ship to the buyer depending on location.

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